Website Design & Development.

If you have your business presence online then it is very important to have a website that it communicates your core business goal. You must work upon your website to make it look appealing, catchy and impressive. It should be user friendly at the same time.

No matter what business you are into, like providing information, online shopping, e-commerce, it is very important that you provide the right content and information to your buyers so that they keep coming back to you.

You website in a way is a visual representation of your core business operations. Hence you should take the support of the professional web designing services that offer you help and the advice for anything that you would need to make a great website.

We provide you the most customized, affordable and quality web designing services. We start step by step from the beginning by understanding what you need to put on your website and what is it that you would want your viewers to see.

Web Design & Development Project Includes

1. Project Requirements
First, we discuss the project details with client to understand business goals, objectives and basic requirements.
2. Consulting
If you do not have any technology preferences, we will provide guidance for choosing the right technology mix for the project.
3. User Experience
We pay a lot of attention to UI design and usability, which are realized through comprehensive prototyping and usability tests.
4. Development
Enabling better control and visibility into the workflow — by combining best-suited project development methodologies and techniques with relevant project management tools
5. Deployment
After prototype launch, we deploy code to a production or to a staging environment to make it available for the designated use or final pre-launch capabilities testing.
6. Maintenance
Geekenized provides continuous support and maintenance for the websites delivered. We offer corrective, adaptive and scheduled maintenance and support services.

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